Learning Independence While You’re Away From Home

Learning Independence While You’re Away From HomeAlthough there are a lot of competitive universities in the Netherlands, it is also good to explore other universities outside the country. Australia is one of the most popular destinations for the Dutch people. Australia is also a home to some of the top universities from around the world. This is why a lot of students from the Netherlands try to explore options in Australia. You don’t necessarily have to be a full time student. You can just enroll as an exchange student and it is good enough. You can stay for a semester or two, and you come back as a better and more educated student.

The benefits

When you are to explore options for studies outside your home country, then it is not just about expanding your academic knowledge. It is also about learning other people’s cultures and traditions. Australia is very rich when it comes to culture. They also have very loving and accommodating people. Australia is a home to a mixture of cultures. Therefore, it is a more enjoyable place for you. By visiting one country, you get to discover the cultures of many other people from around the world. Of course, Australian universities are also highly competitive. If you wish to challenge yourself academically, then you are making the right decision.

How to be independent

The best part in studying overseas as a full time student or as an exchange student is that you learn how to be independent. You can find ways to survive on your own. You don’t have your parents to go to when you need help. No one will come to your for the rescue. You are on your own. This is why you become more independent and this is a good way to prepare you for the challenges of life ahead.

Back home, you might be a lazy kid who enjoys the luxury of life. Now that you are on your own, you have to be responsible in dealing with all the problems coming your way. You also need to do all household chores without the help of anyone else. If you reside in a carpeted room, which is common in Australia, then you might have to read more about best home carpet cleaner recommendations. You are just renting a room so it is polite if you know how to maintain its cleanliness. You should also take a closer look at the best steam mop. This makes your job in cleaning easier.

Share your experience

As soon as you go back home, you become a much better person. You are more prepared to face many other challenges in life. When you decide to work in another country in the future, you already know what to do. You have also learned how to adjust with people from different cultural backgrounds. This is why it is worth a shot. It might pose some problems along the way, but it is worth it. When you go home, let other people know your experience and inspire them to do the same.

The Importance of Being On Time When Traveling to Explore Marine Life in Australia

The Importance of Being On Time When Traveling to Explore Marine Life  in AustraliaDiscovering marine life has always been my passion. I know that there are a lot of exciting discoveries waiting to unfold. Each day, we learn a lot from the abundance of the waters, but I believe, there is still a long way to go. This is why I go to places to discover the best that the seas have to offer. When I have free time from work, I see to it that I can visit at least one area that I have never been to before. Of course, I also take time to research on the best places to visit and arrange my trip immediately.

Lessons learned

Over the years of doing this adventure, I have learned the value of being on time. Above everything else, you need to be on time if you want to make the most out of this adventure. To begin with, we usually rely on local tour guides to bring us to certain areas. Without them, we can’t go to places where there are a lot of things that we can learn from. For most of these people, time is of the essence. We need to wake up early and follow the schedule they have made. If not, we run the risk of offending them. We might not even have the chance to come back and seek for their help again next time.

Another reason why being on time is a must because there are certain marine animals that are only visible during a specific hour. If we miss that opportunity, we have to wait again. The high tides and low tides should also be observed. This is why we need to follow what has been planned and do our best not to deviate from it.

Buying the right watch

Since I started this adventure, I made sure that I buy the right watch. It should be durable and must have alarm systems. I need to be reminded whenever possible. It must also be waterproof so I can use it even underwater. The good thing is that I have found the best wrist watch brands that are of affordable prices, but of high quality. If you want, you can also check out those watches. You can also read information about the best watches from a review site.

Start your adventure now

When you have already prepared the equipment you need for this trip, then you are good to go. Make sure that you observe safety procedures. You should also get the right permits whenever necessary. Most of all, you need to know more about the weather of the day before deciding to go anywhere in the middle of the sea.

Rest assured, this experience can be very exciting. I have done this for many years now and I still can’t get enough of it. You just have to give it a try and you will enjoy it too. The waters have a lot to offer. We benefit from marine organisms in many ways and so we have the responsibility to know more about them to protect them even more.

Managing a Divorce from Overseas

confusion-divorceDivorce can be a difficult process both financially and emotionally to couples. It can get more challenging when one is living overseas. If you are living abroad and you would like to file for divorce with your spouse who is living in another country, there are three laws that must be taken into consideration. These are the law of the state or country that you are in, the international law and the law of the country that your spouse lives in.

In Australia, you can file for divorce if you’re an Australian citizen or domiciled in Australia, or if you have been a resident for at least one year. You should have been separated from your partner for at least 12 months prior to the filing of divorce. However, since international law and law in other countries may vary, the information that would be shared here would be for overseas divorce in general. It would be easier if you get the help of a lawyer that specializes in international divorce.

Filing for Divorce Overseas

The first thing that you need to do is to check with the embassy of your spouse’s country to determine their requirements when it comes to sending divorce papers from another country. As mentioned, laws may differ from one country to another. It’s best that you know exactly how the process works for the specific country where you will be sending the divorce papers. This would make the entire process quicker and easier. Hiring experienced legal advice like this is definitely worthwhile in these more complicated situations. You may also want to ask if the divorce papers require translations. This is regardless if your spouse understands English. Some countries require that divorce papers must be converted to their native language. If this is required, then you need to have them translated.

If your spouse lives in a country that allows these divorce papers to be sent by mail, then you may send the documents through the post office and complete the form to get a return receipt. Countries that do not allow serving of divorce documents via mail are Switzerland, Venezuela, Argentina, Poland, Germany, Japan and China. Check with the court on the best way to send the divorce papers in case your spouse lives in any of these countries that don’t allow sending them by mail. The court could probably send some requests to make this happen. If not, they could advise you on the best thing to do so that the documents would reach your spouse. Once you got the return receipt for your mail, file this in the court as a proof that you have sent the needed documents to your spouse and that he has received them.

Filing for a divorce, especially with this situation can be overwhelming. This is why it’s best that you get the help of a trusted and experienced divorce lawyer that specializes in this area. It would be ideal if he has successfully handled a case similar to yours, with the other spouse living in the same country as your spouse, as it means that he would know the ins and outs of the process.

Transitioning to a Country Where Marijuana is Illegal

potlawDespite the number of studies proving the health benefits of medical marijuana, there are still a lot of countries that have harsh laws in regards to the possession and use of the substance. In most countries, marijuana is treated like any other narcotic and anyone caught with the said substance may face excessive fines or jail terms.

If you are planning to move to another country and someone in the family needs medical marijuana, then you are up for a huge challenge. To begin with, you need to know the laws surrounding marijuana use in that country. Though it is illegal in many countries, they provide certain exemptions for special cases. You can check if the said exemptions are applicable to you. If yes, you need to know what documents to obtain and how you can avoid conflict with the security control.

Getting a physician’s permit

In some countries, showing a physician’s permit that you have a patient in need of medical marijuana would be sufficient. The only thing is that they would allow only a certain amount. If you intend to stay long in that country, you need to know where you can look for other sources of medical marijuana. In other countries, getting the note from a physician is not sufficient. They would require other documents. You need to read about this in advance to avoid complications later on.

Check alternatives

When you are going to a country where no exemptions are given, you might have to look for an alternative medicine to cure your patient. Before leaving, you need to contact a local physician to help you out upon arrival to the new place. You will want to read up on THCDetoxHelp and how it may affect you. You also have to ask if the said alternative medicine could provide the said benefits, or if it is an affordable option. Otherwise, you might have to look for another option.

Revisit the idea of leaving

After researching, you might end up with a country that provides no exemption whatsoever. There are also no local marijuana sources available. There are also no alternatives available for the patient. If you have reached this stage, it is in your best interest to revisit the idea of leaving the country. If you are heading there for a short trip and the patient can survive without treatment for some time, then it is fine. If you are planning to go there for a much longer period of time, then it is a different story. In the end, you might have to cancel the plan if your patient won’t be able to get the medication needed.

A long journey

Though there is an increase in the number of countries that have legalized medical marijuana use, it might still be a long way to go. There are still a lot of conservative countries that believe, legalizing marijuana can lead to substance abuse. Though they have valid claims, it is still imperative to provide exemptions to patients who are in dire need of the substance. Since you have no power to change the rules, you just have to abide by it.

Considerations When Booking a Hotel Room in Australia

Considerations When Booking a Hotel Room in AustraliaThere are a lot of reasons for visiting the thunder from down under, Australia. This country is teeming with natural resources, and some of which can’t be found anywhere else. The country has a very rich history and is a perfect blend of modern infrastructure and preservation of history. This is why Australia is up on the ranks of the most visited countries in the world. Each state also has something unique to offer. For European visitors, Australia is like an extension of Europe down south. Basically, Australians have European roots and so, it is no longer a question why Europeans feel extremely at home over there.

When you have finally decided to give Australia a visit, the first thing that you need to consider is where you are going to stay. Hotel prices differ depending on where you are heading to. Generally, they are really costly. You might have to pay a bit less for budget hotels and hotels for backpackers. If you have the money to spend for accommodation, then don’t hesitate to splurge. After all, you will still get your money’s worth. The tourism industry of Australia is booming, and it is largely because of how they treat their guests.

Standards in choosing

When you book a hotel room, there are different standards that you need to consider. To begin with, you need to find out if the hotel is accessible. Check if it is in a place where you can easily hop on a train or a bus. It should also be situated close to the places that you plan to visit. If possible, the hotel must be of a walking distance to other important places. By then, you won’t have to spend a lot for domestic transportation.

Of course, you also need to read reviews made by other people. It is easier to determine which hotels are perfect for you especially if you have already known what other people have to say. You just have to widen your reviews so you can have an extensive knowledge on the best option out there.

Most of all, you have to be careful about the details. Check if the beds are good enough or if the comfort room is of the right size. The hotel room itself is already part of the trip. It must be perfect for your taste. If you head to the shower room, you need to be relaxed. Therefore, you must get a room where shower heads will pamper you. There are shower heads that drop water to make you feel like you are being massaged. You can read informative shower head reviews so you will know exactly what to find. When you also read about the best shower heads as bathroom accessories, you can apply the knowledge you have gained to your own shower room back home.

An exciting adventure

Once you have finished booking your hotel, the next step is to arrange your itinerary. With all the places to visit in Australia, trimming down the options can be a bit complicated. You just have to think of it as an exciting adventure that you will soon be a part of.

Known Asian Eateries in Australia Worth Trying

While native and European influences have cultivated a major role in the history of Australia, the country’s proximity to Asia has promoted some Asian in Australian cooking. The diversity and vibrant aspects of Asian flavors has dramatically changed the country’s food scenery. Thanks to mass immigration, it’s becoming easier to find almost any form of Asian cuisine within the country. If you’re looking to get into the food industry or want to work abroad, culinary skills are a great way to do it. You can read up on it by checking out how long it takes to go to culinary school

Asian restaurants are becoming a forefront in Australian food scene, so why not have a bit of something that next time you pay a visit to the land down under? Here are some of the best Asian restaurants that this country has to offer:

• Asian-Szechuan Bang Bang Cuisine (Chinese), Brisbane
This restaurant has made a huge impression in Brisbane thanks to its lively and modern-flavored dishes. Service is impressively quick, which makes it easier to enjoy a premium Pecking duck before savoring the taste of wok-fried eggplant with minced pork and Mongolian lamb ribs.

• Spice I am (Thai), Sydney
Thanks largely to mass immigration in the last decade, Thai restaurants have cemented their mark in the country. This establishment is one of the most authentic spice journey worth dwelling into. With three establishments scattered all over Sydney, you’ll be happy to savor their signature dishes like their rice salad consisting of Thai pork, peanuts and sausages, as well as their sour fish curry, and braised-on-the-bone duck.

• Fuku (Japanese), Perth
This 16-seater restaurant is one the most precious gems Australia has ever seen. You’ll be hard-pressed to seek a better Japanese eatery than this. With a huge list of sake to match, this is one of West Australia’s intimate and thrilling places to dine. You can sit at the bar and observe chefs work up their magic in preparing sushi, smoked wagyu tataki, foie gras, and the popular smoked partridge wrapped in a soba pancake.

• Red Lantern (Vietnamese), Sydney
With a couple celebrity chefs looking over the kitchen, this restaurant gives Sydney the very best in Vietnamese cuisine. With another two sites in operation, this eatery is a place to visit if you happen to love Vietnamese food. Anything from rice cakes with tiger prawns to caramelized pork floss to crisp crepes with lime prawn, your mouth will water with the Vietnamese goodness it has to offer. While we were here, we even got a chance to speak with the sous chef, thanks to our friend suzy. She seems to know everyone in town!

Of course, there are other Asian restaurants who also have great reputations. But if you want to try out foreign food in a country that has embraced Asian culture and dishes for many years, then the restaurants mentioned are definitely worth the visit.

Warning of Parasitic Skin Condition Outbreak In South Australian Travel Hubs

This is a warning to our Dutch travel readers to be wary of staying in hostels and hotels when traveling in the capital city Adelaide or surrounding provinces.

In July there was a steep increase in reported cases of the parasitic skin condition scabies. In recent years western Australia has dealt with large outbreaks of the condition. This is the first time that occurrences of the disease have ballooned in the south.

The condition is caused by the Sarcoptes scabiei mite. This mite burrows under the skin and procreates. It is barely visible to the eye under when under close scrutiny. This species only seeks out humans as hosts while there are other forms of scabies, such as mange, that will infest pets.

Scabies mites are immobilized in low temperatures and movement is increased in warm environments. This makes the climate of Australia particularly conducive to a growing mite population. When active the mites are highly contagious.

Transmission of the mites occurs when skin to skin contact is made or contact with infested clothes, bedding or furniture. The mites are known to live for upwards of two weeks on inanimate objects before dying. This means that even infrequently utilized areas can spread infestations if contact occurs within the two week window.

The vast majority of reported cases have come from travelers and locals who frequent hostels in the Adelaide region. Other cases have been reported by hotel management.

Scabies mites take two to three weeks to reach full maturation and a typical human host will carry between 15 and 50 pregnant female mites.

Signs of a Scabies Infestation

After infestation it will typically take a new host upwards of 30 days to exhibit symptoms.

Initial symptoms of a scabies infestation include intense itching near folded areas of skin, hands and feet. This itching does not relent and can be bothersome both throughout the day and at night.

Over time small, itchy red bumps appear on the skin. Small zigzag lines also become apparent and evidence of the movement of a burrowed mite.

Many doctors will encounter scabies infestations in their practice and it is advised that anyone experiencing the symptoms listed above visit a doctor to verify if an infestation has occurred.

Treating a Scabies Infestation

Treatment for scabies mite infestation involves using pharmaceutical grade mixtures of a carrier cream and the active ingredient of permethrin. Alternatively another pharmaceutical grade ingredient called ivermectin can be taken orally. Many doctors will recommend a combination of the two drugs to ensure a full recovery.

In addition to direct treatments it is important that a person who has become infected with scabies takes great care in cleaning their clothing and possessions. Washing or cleaning any used article or garment is essential to avoid a re-infestation.

Also it is important that an infested host avoids physical contact with an uninfected individual and avoids sharing clothing, bedding or personal items until the infestation has been resolved.


If you are traveling Australia it is recommended that you avoid hostels and hotels in the southern region. We recommend finding housing using alternative providers such as AirBnB.

If you fear that you have contracted this condition we recommend that you visit a doctor in the region you are in to verify a potential case.

Staying Healthy on A Business Trip to Australia

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, you need to plan if you want to have a successful trip. A business trip to Australia is no exception to this. You will need to take proactive measures to be able to thrive and enjoy a healthy trip to Australia. Whether your mission is to visit a new branch office, meet with customers, or attend a meeting, staying healthy both physically and mentally will determine the success of your trip. It is of the utmost importance to visit your doctor before the trip to ensure you are fit for travel.

Australian Business Culture

There is a relaxed, friendly, and informal way of doing business in Australia. Depending on where you are from this might be a significant change. However, always remember to book appointments in advance, as well as arrive on time. If you are traveling in the summer, you can dress casually for formal occasions. Otherwise, the recommended attire is unfortunately a suit. And most importantly, you should not brag about your businesses achievements, as this is a complete turn off. It is also important to avoid being over aggressive when selling.

Surviving the Intense Heat

Australia is characterized by very hot weather. In fact, temperatures can get up to 44 degrees Celsius. Excessive exposure to the sun leads to skin cancer. This is more of a concern for older individuals and those with fair skin. The heat can also lead to fainting due to dehydration, not to mention the discomfort. To guard yourself against this you should equip yourself and implement the following:

  • Sunscreen
  • Wear clothing that covers most of the skin to protect against exposure to the sun
  • Avoid dehydration by drinking a lot of water
  • Put on a hat and sunglasses

To get away from the heat you may want to go for a swim. If you do go swimming you will want to wear sunscreen that is water resistant.

Snakes & Spiders

Although rare, spider bites, particularly by the funnel web species can be fatal. These spiders are very prominent in Australia. They usually have their webs on the ground while others seek refuge inside shoes, clothes, and gloves. If you encounter any of their webs you should move away immediately.

You should shake off clothes and shoes before putting them on. Wear shoes that protect your feet instead of flip flops or sandals if the situation calls for it. Snakes such as the python sometimes get into your hotel room or the house where you are staying. You can learn more on how to keep away snakes here. Take precautions to avoid getting hospitalized and ruining your trip.

These dangers should however not be a turn off to visiting Australia. There is plenty of harmless wildlife to see and incredible places to visit. The kangaroo, sea lions, and penguins some of my favorite. There aren’t very many places that can compare to the diverse wildlife and scenery that Australia has to offer. The idea is to always be on the lookout. Also ensure you get enough rest if you have a busy schedule.

Paddleboarding Destinations in Australia

One of the many things that is different about Australia when compared to the Netherlands is the easy access to the ocean — unless you live in the outback — combined with year-round warm weather. The combination makes for an excellent conditions for the pursuit of various water sports from swimming to boating, and surfing to snorkelling. In today’s post we’re going to focus on paddleboarding in Australia. Specifically, where are the best places to go and what type of board should you take with you (see some standup paddle board reviews and info)?

First of all, since you may not know what stand up paddleboarding is, here’s a brief primer. Though stand up paddleboarding has in one form or another been around for thousands of years it is only recently that it has become popular as a sport. As recently as a 2003 in the Encyclopedia of Surfing by Matt Warshaw no reference was made to stand up paddleboarding (SUP)! However in the last ten years there has been a veritable boom in the sport and it is still developing and rapidly gaining in popularity. The sport basically consists of using a long paddle to propel a modified surfboard while standing up. Surfers do it to help them gain speed in catching waves and to get themselves farther off shore in order to catch breaks that they’d otherwise only get to by boat. Other folks who don’t know how to surf will paddleboard just for the fun of it. There are many varieties of paddleboarding too, from racing to touring. Touring paddleboards are equipped with tie-downs on deck in order hold your gear as you explore the coastline over days or even weeks. Safety gear is important for the serious paddleboarder too, with the basics being: personal floatation device, tether, knife (like a good survival knife), and the appropriate clothing (possibly a wet suit).

As for the best places to go paddling in Australia here’s a brief and by no means exhaustive list.
The Sunshine Coast – this area is a traditional surfing haunt and you will find plenty of company, and all skill levels. Rentals are available in several places.
•The New South Wales Coast – like the Sunshine Coast there is a solid surfing community in NSW and plenty of rentals.
•Sydney’s north beaches – if you live in Sydney this area is a no-brainer. Lovely conditions and close to the city.
•Cottesloe Beach in the Perth area is highly recommended. In fact some SUP enthusiasts prefer the conditions here to those found at the Sunshine Coast and NSW.
Rottnest Island is another hot spot in the Perth area. It is teeming with avian and other wildlife and as such makes for a great day’s exploring on paddleboard. Rentals available.

Though you could make a case for anywhere around the perimeter of Australia being a good spot for paddleboarding it is best to start with well-known areas like those mentioned above. Once you become expert by all means start exploring, and let the Australian paddleboarding community know what you discover!

Dealing with Jogging Strollers When Checking In at the Airports

When you are carrying a jogging stroller with you on your way to the airport, it might not be very easy for you. However, this is essential for your baby and it is not something that you can just leave behind. This is true especially if you are permanently moving to another place. Though you can buy a new one when you have already settled down, it is still best if you use the one that your baby is already comfortable using. Otherwise, your baby has to adjust all over again.

Know your airline policy

There are different policies when it comes to checking in off baby strollers. It depends on the size of the stroller and how it can be folded. There are airlines that allow smaller strollers to be hand carried as long as it can be folded into very small parts. If not, then you might be required to check it in. The only problem is that you might have to deal with excess baggage since strollers can be a bit expensive. There are also airlines that don’t allow strollers to be checked in under regular check-in counters. You have to check in using the oversize baggage counter. Aside from checking in, claiming the stroller might also take a lot of time. It might be released last. If not, it might be released only via the oversize counter just like where it was checked in. Add to this all the possible fees that you might incur. It can really be a huge problem. Therefore, you have to be prepared in advance.

What you need to do before the trip

To begin with, you need to find a stroller that your child will be comfortable using and at the same time, it can be checked in at the airport counters easily. You can check the best jogging stroller comparison chart from this site. By then, you will know the size, features, price and compatibility of your strollers. Once you have made up your mind, then go ahead and order the best strollers. You might also want to consult with your chosen airline regarding their baggage policy to ensure that you won’t have problems later on.

If you really can’t fix these issues before leaving, then just make sure that you can find a new stroller that your baby won’t have a hard time to deal with. If not, you can just buy a stroller after the flight instead of before the flight. This is true especially if it will take some time before you travel by air again. Rest assured, if you order from certain online sites, you can easily order the stroller and it will be delivered to you wherever you may be. For comparison of jogging strollers, you can visit www.toddlervirtues.com/. It might take some time before you make the best choice.

When you have fully prepared yourself for this trip, whether it is just a short trip or you will fully migrate, you won’t have anything to worry about.