Welcome to Dutch.net.au, a place to hang out for the Dutch-speaking communities in Australia!

If you have recently moved to Australia, or you are thinking about it in the near future, you have come to the right place my Dutch friend. Among other things, here you will find information about the happenings at home, accommodation/hostels and useful information for backpackers and permanent residents of Australia!

Making the move to Australia is a big decision, but we are glad you have joined us; there is plenty of opportunity in this country, and the cultural difference is not so bad!

We realize that as a Dutch-speaker, you will sometimes miss home and want to talk with your fellow countrymen, so we created this website to keep the Dutch spirit alive in Australia, here you will find information about:

  • Dutch news
  • Australian news
  • Travel tips/advice
  • immigration tips advice
  • cultural differences and how to deal with them!
  • business advice for the Dutch in Australia

On top of all of this, we aim to bring to you the best in education, to make your cultural transition as smooth as possible. The Australian language is not an easy one to master, so you may need to take more English lessons than you once thought, and that doesn’t include the slang! We have you covered, so stay tuned for free lessons and discounts on language schools in all of the major cities around the country.

Make sure to check back in as often as you can, to stay up to date on all the happenings back at home, and here in our new Australian home!