5 MUST SEE Holiday Destinations in Australia

Australia is a land that harbors a collage of scenic and rugged beauty, from miles of sandy beaches, to rugged sandy dunes to beautiful architectural marvels. So when you are planning a holiday Down Under, it’s best not to hurry it up (or “get a move on”, as the Aussies might say), but instead, take your time and soak in as much of the beauty and wonder as you can. If you have just immigrated from the Netherlands like most of us, you are probably looking for a little holiday before you jump into work or a new business venture in this promising country – you are in the right place!

Here are 5 must see destinations for you to consider on your next trip to Australia – a country that’s actually also a continent!




You can’t visit Australia and not go to Sydney, and still call your holiday a success. That just can’t be! Australians may disagree with that, citing other great tourist and holiday attractions in their vast and beautiful country.

But the iconic Sydney Opera House in the capital city of the state of New South Wales is a MUST SEE for visitors and new immigrants alike. Even if you don’t fancy taking in a live performance, you’ll still be awed by its majestic architecture.


The Great Barrier ReefGreat barrier reef

Even if you are not too hung up about nature and natural structures, you’ll be awe-stricken by the sheer expanse of this 2,300 kilometer long stretch of land – the great barrier reef is a must see!. Situated in Queensland, the reef itself protects a vast treasure of endangered plant and animal species. Stick around for a few days to really explore all the major attractions in the area. If scuba diving and snorkeling is your thing, you’ll be in heaven here – guaranteed!

Fraser Island

Folks usually equate Australia with sand, beaches and friendly waters. And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you visit the largest sand island on earth. Fraser Island is located near the coast of Hervey Bay in Queensland, and stretches for over 120 kilometers.  You’ll be able to enjoy all the experiences of a watery getaway – scuba diving, snorkelling, scenic rainforests with some of the rarest collection of fauna and flora in the world. And yes – there’ll be lots of sandy beaches and sunshine too!

The Great Ocean Road

Why visit Australia and spend time on just one road, I hear you ask? Well, this road in Victoria state is something out of this world! As you wind your way down its narrow 243 kilometer single-lane path, you’ll be taking in some of the most scenic views that you’ve witnessed anywhere!

And that’s not all. You can stop along the way and visit some of the best rain forests in Australia, or just park and wade into the any number of beaches that dot the route.


Uluru / Ayers Rock

No visit to Australia will be complete without visiting the Northern Territories, a place that the Aboriginal peoples called home over 10,000 years ago. The Uluru / Ayers Rock may be similar to some other formations nearby (e.g. Mount Augustus and Olgas), but this 350 meter piece of rock is the only monolith structure around. And geologists say that it spans an equal length (350+ meters) below ground too.

Your approach to the site will thrill you, as it turns from miniscule to big, then larger, and ultimately gigantic!  Time your trip to coincide with either sunrise or sunset and watch how its surface morphs into surreal blue/violet tinges!


While a large portion of the world, in Europe and North America in particular, prepare for winter, its summer time in Australia. While many parts of the world enjoy a White Christmas, the Aussies are famous for their Green Christmases.

This is probably the perfect time to plan a visit Down Under and take in all the memorable sights and scenes previewed above. And don’t forget to pack your swimming gear and sun tan lotion. You’ll be needing them!